The sea

The sea and the nautical world are Augustin's primary source of inspiration. It is one of the last areas of freedom...

Leisure aviation

There's only one step from water sports to aeronautics. What better way to contemplate the sea and draw inspiration from it than by taking a trip in an aeroplane or, even better, a seaplane?

Classic cars

Augustin loves classic cars... 

Classic themes

There are occasions when sobriety is the order of the day. Augustin is renowned for his patterned socks, but sometimes a plain colour or a discreet pattern is just what you need....

Nature and animals

From roosters to donkeys, hens to cows, pigs to sheep, Augustin loves nature and animals.

The Basque Country

Augustin has always been warmly welcomed in the Basque Country, and has decided to launch products with strong symbols of the Basque country.

Legend has it that Augustine the Sailor sometimes stopped off in the Basque Country.... There he found inspiration for his Basque socks, with representations of the Basque Cross, the Basque flag, the Basque beret and other motifs (such as the scallop shell, which is the symbol of the Pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela, whose route crosses the Basque Country).

The Vendée

A land of sailors and navigators, and the starting point for the Vendée Globe, the Vendée is close to Augustin's heart.


Legend has it that Augustin the sailor was born in Brittany. So it's hardly surprising that he drew inspiration for his collections from his native land...

Breton hats, waistcoats with ermine, triskell, Breton ties, bow ties, bzh hats, and above all the incredible collection of Breton socks... All Breton clothing can be found at the Augustin boutique.


Augustin the sailor loved to visit Normandy. A contemporary, according to legend, of William the Conqueror, he loved the countryside, observing nature and laughing with his friends.