Mismatched socks Bâbord Tribord (red/green)

A red sock with the inscription BABORD and a green sock with the inscription TRIBORD
Is it Port or Starboard ? Sailors, sea lovers, sailing enthusiasts, choose these socks designed by Augustin.


Color Red Green
Size 35/40 (Lady size)

This quality sock is intended for all sailors who wish to assert their passion and dress in a slightly different way...

On the red sock, it is written BABORD while on the green sock, it is written TRIBORD


One sock on the port side, and the other on the starboard side, to make sure you always go in the right direction, and come back safely...


  • Composition: 78% cotton 20% polyamide 2% lycra
  • Reinforced toes and heels.
  • Very strong. Very comfortable.
  • Price per pair
  • Colours: one red and one green sock, forming the pair of socks
  • Exceptional quality
  • Surprise effect guaranteed
  • Perfect gift idea for a sailor
Brand Augustin Reference Dépareillées
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