Socks Citroen car AMI 6

These socks with the motif of the CITROEN AMI 6 Berline are intended for all the amateurs and nostalgic of this exceptional car, close to the 2CV!

Color Navy Blue
Size 40/45 (One size men)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this AMI 6 is a mythical car
Released in the 60's by Citroen, this car was a Breton product, as it was manufactured in Rennes la Janais
In the middle of the range between the 2CV and the DS, the AMI 6 Sedan did not go unnoticed with its reversed rear window
Do you like Citroen cars? Do you like old cars? Youngtimer lovers, wear, or offer these nice socks, with the successful design of this exceptional car

  • Composition: 78% cotton 20% polyamide 2% lycra
  • Reinforced toes and heels
  • Extremely comfortable, like the car
  • Virtually indestructible, just like the car
  • Price per pair
  • One colour: very dark navy
Brand Augustin Reference Citroen AMI
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