Gift box with necktie and socks Triskell

This gift box consists of a polyester tie, Augustin brand, with the repeated pattern of triskells, and a pair of August socks with the triskell pattern. Black colour
The box is delivered flat for better protection during transport.

Color Black
Size 40/45 (One size men)

Beautiful necktie and a pair of socks with Breton triskell for lovers of Celtic culture (clothing and Breton).

Those socks are part of our breton collection.

At work or during major events, worthily represent your celtic origins !
The Triskel (also writable Triskell) is one the famous symbols of the celtic countries. It represents the three basic elements in the celtic culture (Water, Air, and fire). 
The celtic nations are : Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, and Brittany.  

Brand Augustin EAN13 3664542010377 Reference 1731_4180
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