Do you find one AUGUSTIN products in supermarkets?

No. AUGUSTIN products are sold through a network of independent retailers multibrand stores, nautical clothing, cooperative maritime outlets to the sea, etc ... or directly

Augustin socks are they really stronger than those encountered at low prices in supermarkets?

Our socks are made exclusively in France and Italy. In these two countries, we find a quality cotton yarn with long fibers, and therefore more durable.
In addition, our socks all have a special reinforcement at the tips and heels (where the wear is in general). For simplicity, let's say when knitting, 2 son of cotton and polyamide 2 son pass through the knitting.

How is my order?

Deliveries are made by La Poste, for a flat fee of 4,9 euros. The average delivery time is 2 to only 3 working days.
Your order will be delivered to the address you have listed as shipping address on your order.

The payment is secure?

Of course! In Augustine, we are very attentive to the security of payments. We chose CIC Payment system, to guarantee you shop safely.
With this system, you are sure that your credit card number:
- Does not pass unencrypted over the Internet, thanks to SSL encryption.
- Can not be used for purposes other than the current transaction.
- Is entered on the secure site Paiement CIC. In Augustine, we never know your Blue Card number. We do not receive from our bank a number of use (payment reference).

Do you make sweaters sailors, jackets and other garments?

No, to each his craft. Would you trust your doctor if you also propose to treat your dog?
Our business is incidental. We are a key player in Britain in the marine mode because we specialize, consistent quality, and we offer a huge selection of designs, colors, sizes, all in stock most of the time.

Is it true that some Augustin belts are always made in Britain?

Yes. Most of our belts (especially our elastic waistbands and some leather belts) are still produced.
The minimal overhead is largely compensated by the quality, durability and comfort. From our side, the savings on transportation are substantial and rapid réappros.
And we are happy to contribute to employment in France.

I wish to speak with someone from the company Augustin. Is it easy?

Yes, call 03 20 70 10 26 during office hours (excluding weekends) and you'll see!

Internet prices are they the same as those practiced resellers Augustine?

All products are sold on the internet, excluding shipping, retail price shops of our 300 dealers.
Our internet prices are VAT for France and the European Union and other countries for HT.

Can I make a gift?

Of course, you can ask us to deliver the items to an address no need to sign the billing address. Simply specify the address during the order validation. Our powerful computer system allows you to enter multiple shipping addresses. These addresses are also saved and you can find them on your next order.

If the product does not please me, what should I do?

You can return it in registered mail.
You have 7 days if a product does not suit you, for us to return to the address below:
Internet service
52/54, rue de Roubaix

This product will be exchanged or refunded (by check or have a "crediting" of your credit card).
The costs of returning and reshipping are your responsibility unless the product does not match your initial order.

And if I do not want to order online?

Of course you can order by mail or fax. And pay by check, money order, or even transfer. In this case, you can copy or print the order form below: